Incredible Canberra Raiders Viking Clap Just Chilled 80,000 Spines

If that didn't make you shiver, nothing will.

That time it snowed at the footy in Canberra and the field was white? It still wasn't as spine-chilling as the viking clap before the 2019 NRL Grand Final between the Canberra Raiders and Sydney Roosters at ANZ Stadium.

Wow. Just wow. Even Roosters fans had to admire that.

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Raiders fans were practicing it before the game outside the stadium, and 10 News First reporter Emma Lawrence was there. Great drumming Emma. Totally in time. Outstanding stuff.

But that was just a warm-up. The main clap, which you can watch at the top of this story, was deafening.

It happened just before the Raiders ran out, and was an incredible prelude to the main match. We'll have a full match report right here on 10 daily at both halftime and full-time.

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