Cooper Cronk Lost His $10K Premiership Ring Almost Immediately

He's already got five locked away, but Cooper Cronk's sixth premiership ring went missing in the Sydney Roosters change-room after Sunday night's NRL grand final.

As the retiring halfback great fielded final questions from the media, a Sydney Roosters insider approached with the glittering prize in hand.

A search party had been scouring the changeroom for the ring, which is worth $10,000 and has 160 diamonds, finally located in an esky.

"I found it for you," she said, handing over the ring to Cronk.

"You're a godsend," he told her.

The Roosters took home the goods for a second consecutive year. Photo: Joel Carrett via AAP

The veteran said he lost it during the team's immediate post-match celebrations.

"I think in all the jumping around and cheering; I've got bad fingers and it must have slid off."

The 35-year-old said he didn't keep his impressive collection of rings on display and this one would be added to the others.

He won rings in 2007, 2009, 2012 and 2017 with Melbourne and then 2018 and this one with the Roosters.

The ring was found in an esky amid celebrations. Photo: Dan Himbrechts via AAP

"It will collect dust somewhere," he said.

"I'm not nostalgic, it just sits somewhere in a box and they won't see the light of day".

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Cronk said he always believed the diamond-encrusted ring, which was designed this year by former North Queensland great Johnathan Thurston, would turn up.

They have their player number engraved into them.

"There's only one of them so I people would know who it would belong to," he said.