World Champ Kelsey-Lee Barber Said The Most Poetic Thing In Sporting History

The first thing you should know is that she calls a javelin a "jav".

In fact, Kelsey-Lee Barber -- who overnight became just the ninth Australian to claim a gold medal at the World Athletics Championships by winning the javelin in Doha, Qatar -- calls herself a "jav chucker".

Jav chucker. Love that. So Aussie.

But if that sounds a little bogan, you should know that Kelsey-Lee also has a poetic side.

Let's get to the point here. Image: Getty.

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This reporter interviewed Kelsey-Lee in 2016, ahead of the Rio Olympics, when she went by her maiden name Kelsey-Lee Roberts (she has since married her coach Mike Barber).

The question was put to her: what does the perfect throw feel like? This was her response:

You feel really light when you’ve finished the throw. It’s almost like you’re walking on clouds for a bit. But I think from start to finish, a good throw is seamless. It’s like threading a needle through the sky when you let it go.

Did you read that??? She said it's like walking on clouds. She said it's like THREADING A NEEDLE THROUGH THE SKY.

Go to a press conference this week ahead of the NRL grand final. Ask a rugby league player what scoring the perfect try feels like. They'll say "yeah, nah, bloody awesome mate" or something similar. They will not talk about threading needles through the sky.

It looks like Australia has a brand new golden girl. Photo: David J. Phillip via AAP

"With easy, clean throwing you normally know they are quite good throws," Barber said overnight of the 66.56 metres final round effort which clinched the title.

They weren't quite as poetic as her words three years ago, but the vibe was the same.

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