Andy Lee Said 'I Want To Hurt Him', Then Broke Actor Stephen Curry's Rib

It's all good fun until someone loses a rib.

And when these two rather famous fellas got together to play a little hockey in a promotional video for the new hockey league Hockey One, it started as fun. Nobody really wanted to hurt anyone.

Sure, Andy Lee talked a tough game. "He's a beloved Australian actor. I don't want to kill him," he said.

Evil smirk followed, before he added: "But I do want to hurt him."

Wow, Andy. You beast. Image: Hockey One.

Did he really, though?

Did Andy genuinely want to cause pain to the beloved actor who played Dale Kerrigan from the Castle, and more recently the magnificently grumpy Mr Black in the hilarious 10 sitcom of the same name?

Naaaaaaah. But as it turned out, he hurt him anyway.

Andy gave him a good ribbing in every sense of the word. Image: Hockey One

"It was an adventurous slide which unfortunately just came off worse for wear," Hockey One spokesman Nick Kerber said of the moment goalie Curry advanced on attacker Andy Lee and fell awkwardly, injuring a rib.

"We're not sure if Andy's stick got him or if it was his own stick that popped in his ribs."

When we asked Curry, he wasn't exactly sure what had happened either. But he knows that it hurt both his ego and his body.

"Look, what happened is I thought I was 18-years-old," the 43-year-old actor told 10 daily.

"What I didn't realise is Andy is still 21."

Andy is actually 38, but he's a former state level hockey player who still plays masters hockey for the Camberwell club. So to Stephen, a former child hockey player who hadn't kitted up in his hockey gear for 25 years, Andy must have seemed like a champion in his prime.

They're still mates. Phew. Image: Hockey One

"I tried to match it with him, but..." and Stephen's sentence just sort of trailed off like a drunken man's story that goes nowhere.

We put it to him that this was life imitating art. After all, his curmudgeonly Mr Black character was physically pretty busted too.

"Yea, maybe I've taken on too much of the role," he sighed.

"I've been shown up by a better man. I always suspected he was better-looking, but didn't know he was just better."

Well, this conversation was taking an unexpectedly bleak turn, so we needed to change tack to something positive. Like the hockey.

"It's made me realise I'm going to go to every single Hockey One game in Melbourne to tell people how good I was," he enthused.

There we go. Pulled him back from the brink. And we think Stephen's got the right idea, because going to Hockey One matches is not a terrible idea for anyone. You can see the schedule here for this new look national hockey comp which has been billed as the "Big Bash of hockey".

Every game in the elite seven-team comp is a double-header featuring both women's and men's matches, and all the best Aussie players are involved, as competition hots up for spots at next year's Tokyo Olympics in our #1 ranked Kookaburras and #2 ranked Hockeyroos teams.

Meanwhile, a couple of weeks on from that promotional video, how is Stephen's rib feeling? Well, let's just say that thanks to some expert medical advice, it's not as painful as it might be.

"The doc said to put something cold against it, so I had four beers and it felt pretty good," he said.

We have this strange feeling the doctor meant putting something on the outside of Stephen's body, not the inside. But play on.