'Oh Fricken No!' Mum Freaks Out As Lost Kid Accidentally Wins 10km Race

Nine-year-old Kade Lovell just had an afternoon he and his family will never forget.

The young athlete was running in a 5 km race called the 'Francis Franny Flyer 5km' in Sartell in the US state of Minnesota, when he took a wrong turn.

His mother Heather became worried when kids she knew were slower than her son started crossing the finish line, and still there was no sign of Kade. She went looking for him in her car, but without luck.

Where was he?

"Oh, fricken, no! Did my kid get lost?" Heather thought to herself, as she later described in a Facebook post.

As it turns out, Kade had missed an important turn and ended up running the 10km race, which was also being contested that day.

"We finally found him. This kid forgot to turn at the 5K turn and accidentally ran the 10K," Heather said.

That worried motherly tone? It quickly turned triumphant!

"We were thinking he was dead last. No one was near him. He was running strong when he finally got to the corner where I was cheering for him. He gets to the finish line and we find out he is FIRST!!!! Fricken FIRST in the 10K!!!!"

That's right, Kade Lovell not only accidentally ran a 10km race but he won it. Good time too. 48:17:39 which is very zippy indeed.

His mother went on to say he was incredible and she was "so proud of him". But she also did what parents do, which is to be both good cop and bad cop all in one package.

"If he scares my mama heart like this again. I will have to ground him!" she said.

Good luck trying to catch him is all we can say.

Main image: Heather Ann Boedigheimer-Lovell Facebook.