Canberra Raiders Rumble Stadium With Viking Clap

Stop everything and be awed by the Canberra Raiders viking clap.

The Raiders are playing The Rabbitohs in the first NRL preliminary final tonight at a sold-out Canberra Stadium, with something like 28,000 people in attendance, most of them in Raiders lime.

And wow. Just wow. The viking clap.

Usually you get shivers at Canberra Stadium from the cold. Tonight it was from the Viking clap.

The Raiders have been doing the Viking Clap since 2016. This was the crowd doing it against Penrith in a final that year.

Image: Getty

And against the Sharks, also that year.

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For the record, the Raiders pinched the idea from the Iceland national men's football team, who got all the way to the quarter finals of the Euro 2016 tournament, beating England along the way.

The players and crowd performed the ritual together at that tournament, then thousands of fans did it for the team's triumphant return home.

The story behind the Viking clap is not entirely clear. Some say Iceland stole it from a Scottish club, who got it from somewhere else.

Doesn't really matter. The Canberra Raiders do it now, and even if it's not original, it's definitely one of the coolest things in Australian sport.

And it paid off for the Raiders on Friday night, with Canberra defeating the Rabbitohs 16-10.

The Raiders will play the winner of Saturday night's preliminary final between the Sydney Roosters and the Melbourne Storm in the NRL Grand Final next Sunday.

Featured Image: Getty.