The Fiery Speech That Made GWS The Club They Are Today

This happened in 2012. But you can see its footprints all over the Giants now.

The coach was Kevin Sheedy. The team was the GWS Giants in their foundation season. The Giants would win just two matches that year -- and would set all sorts of low points-scoring records.

But Sheedy, wily old fox that he is, had half an eye on the future as well as the team in front of him on any given game day. And he knew he had to instil a ruthless culture into the club from day one.

Sheedy addresses the young guns. Image: Getty.

This is what he thundered in the famous speech. We've highlighted the really loud bits in bold and the loud in bold caps!

"Don't EVER let any club or player DOMINATE you at a ball, at a stoppage in the air or on the GROUNDTHAT is the essence of simple, bloody basic football. Now let's get it going."

A simple message but a good one. It's all about hard, uncompromising footy, and belief -- factors which have gotten the Giants where they are. This is a team that gifted Rolls Royces with high draft picks early on -- but who cleverly recruited players with grunt too.

Anyway there's a grainy version of the speech on Youtube if you're interested, or you can watch Sheedy recreate it in the video at the top of this story.

Sheedy -- who played in three premierships and coached another four in his decorated footy career -- was speaking on Wednesday with 10 News First Melbourne and Sports Tonight reporter and presenter Nick Butler.

"This is one of the great stories of Australian sport," he said of the Giants' progression to the 2019 AFL Grand Final.

"To come into a professional organisation like the AFL and, within eight years, represent three million people in the west of Sydney to have a chance to win a premiership... they've done unbelievably well."