Shayna Jack Opens Up About Struggles In Emotional Post

The Brisbane-based freestyle specialist is seeking to clear her name, after testing positive to the banned substance Ligandrol shortly before the recent World Swimming Championships.

Jack opened up about the toll it had taken on her life and her frustrations at a delay in her hearing.

" I know you haven’t heard from me in some time but I have been taking time to ensure my mental health is properly supported and managed, as this whole process has been a test on its strength," Jack wrote.

"I am struggling most with accepting the current situation, how much it has not only impacted my swimming career but my everyday life."

Shayna Jack arriving at the ASADA meeting in August. Photo: Getty

Jack has denied that she knowingly took Ligandrol but noted it could be found in contaminated supplements. Ligandrol can help repair and build muscles.

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In August, Jack faced an ASADA meeting and is facing a four-year ban if found guilty. She has maintained she does not know how the substance got into her system and that she will fight to clear her name.

The toll of the entire situation has been evident on Jack since the media storm around her testing positive. The suspended swimmer remains hopeful, even with delays in her hearing.

"I have not yet received the letter of infraction and have been told that I won’t for up to another 10 weeks and to make things harder I’ve been informed that I could be waiting another 9 months from now till I get a finalised hearing, " she wrote.

This is the first time Jack has spoken since the ASADA meeting in August.

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