'They're Ruining It': Daniel Ricciardo Slams Officials Over F1 Penalty

To say the least, this has not been Daniel Ricciardo's year.

But his bad luck reached farcical levels at the Singapore Grand Prix on the weekend, when the 30-year-old Aussie Formula 1 ace was forced to start from the back of the grid after being penalised for a ridiculous technicality.

Ahead of Sunday's race, Ricciardo had put in an excellent performance to qualify eighth on the grid.

Or so everybody thought before race stewards picked him up on a technicality which left fans of the sport -- and not just our man Dan -- incredibly frustrated.

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At one point in one of his qualifying laps, Ricciardo's Renault hit a kerb, and his power unit exceeded the limit, revving over 120kW.

It was an incredibly minor infraction of the rules. Renault argued that the benefit -- if any -- was a microsecond. That translates to, wait for it, one-millionth of a second. And it didn't even occur in Ricciardo's fastest qualifying lap.

But rules are rules, and the rules say that Ricciardo had to be relegated. And he was. And he was not happy about it.

For once, that big smile was nowhere to be seen. Image: Getty.

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"I've basically flown halfway round the world for [nothing]," Ricciardo said, in a feisty interview on Sky Sports after the session.

"We didn’t even gain an advantage from this yet they delete the whole session. So I was disgraced by that and voiced my opinion, I’ll keep voicing it."

Ricciardo eventually finished 14th behind winner Sebastian Vettel in Singapore, and now sits ninth in the drivers' standings for the 2019 F1 season.

His best finish in this, his first year with Renault, was a fourth at the Italian Grand Prix two weeks ago.