Aussie Daniel Ricciardo Schooled By 13-Year-Old Kid In Car Race

Almost a decade of go-kart driving experience was enough to help a teenager beat F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo in a car race.

Australian go-kart racer Kalen Chin beat Renault Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo in a simulated driving game in Singapore ahead of the F1 race held there this weekend.

13-year-old Chin beat more than 900 contestants to take part in the simulator race with the pro driver.

The Aussie teen drew on his experience from the go-kart circuit. Photo: Reuters

"I am very happy, I have no words to describe it," he said.

"I worked really hard, like three days of practice at home and to beat Daniel Ricciardo, it's a feeling out of this world."

Chin is an experienced karting racer, having been driving karts since he was four years old.

The Australian F1 driver may have shaken hands with a future team member. Photo: Reuters

Many fans came out to meet and greet Ricciardo, some of them from Perth, the Australian's home town.

Ricciardo also addressed a group of underprivileged children from the Queenstown neighburhood of Singapore with a motivational speech.

"I feel like I'm in a cartoon sometimes but it's not that long ago that I  was in their shoes and was just a kid with a dream to be here and to do what I wanted to do in life," he said.

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"All I'll say is, it doesn't have to be F1, it doesn't have to be sport, whatever you want to do. To dream is okay, it can come true.

"So pursue what you desire, what makes you happy and whatever their passion is, then I would encourage them to follow that."

Ricciardo on track during qualifying for the F1 Grand Prix of Singapore. Photo: Mark Thompson via Getty Images

Meanwhile, a number of fans carried posters saying, "Lick the stamp and send it".

The famous quote is from Ricciardo after winning the 2018 Chinese Grand Prix when he took a chance to pass Lewis Hamilton during that race.