GWS Giants' $50 Random Act Of Kindness After Finding Lost Wallet

It was an "A-grade" gesture that also proved to be great karma for GWS star Jeremy Cameron, after he returned a rival fan's lost wallet. 

Geelong supporter Adam Ross, 33, was walking home with some mates after his team lost to Richmond in the preliminary final at the MCG on Friday night.

At some point on the walk home in east Melbourne, his wallet went astray.

"I realised when I got home, but it was later in the night so I decided I couldn't do anything about it," Ross told 10 daily.

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The next day, after calling police, Ross received a call from the hotel where -- unbeknownst to him -- the Giants were staying. Someone had turned his wallet in.

"My friend and I went down to pick it up, and I asked the receptionist who had handed it in. She said one of the players," Ross said.

It wasn't until he and his friend got back in the car that they found a "random" $50 note.

"My friend questioned it, because I never have cash. That's when I found the note," he said.

It was later revealed Cameron had left the $50 in cash and a hand-written note, telling the AFL fan to buy a "GWS beanie and scarf" with it.

Mikey Nicholson, who works for 7 News Adelaide, posted a photo of the note from one of his friends on Twitter.  In it, Cameron wrote that he had found the wallet "while having a kick with the boys" before the Collingwood match on Saturday night.

"Am I a GWS Giants supporter now?" Nicholson joked.

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His friend later chimed in, replying to the original tweet and confirming it was legitimate.

Cameron later confirmed the news himself, commenting on an Instagram post from Sandra Sully, of 10 News First and 10 daily.

"I knew it would be good karma," the player wrote.

Photo: Instagram

The Coleman Medal-Winning forward for the western Sydney AFL team booted three goals as the Giants beat Collingwood, helping his team to their first grand final.

That would normally be enough for a player to ride high on a wave of good energy for a few days, but the 26-year-old's note has won him a bunch of extra praise on social media.

Ross said he was blown away by the gesture.

"We had to re-read it several times; we were absolutely gobsmacked. It's something miniscule, but the gesture is heartwarming," he said.

"So often we hear negative stories and controversy about football players, but this is the type of behaviour that young players should idolise.

"This is something that football players aren't trained to do; he's done this himself."

After beating Collingwood in a thriller at the MCG on Saturday, GWS will line up in their first grand final next weekend against the Richmond Tigers.

And while Ross won't be buying a GWS beanie and scarf any time soon, he said he'll be backing the team on Saturday-- and will happily donate the cash to charity instead.

"They're getting ready for the big game, but at some point it would be great to say thank you to Jeremy," Ross said. 

"A-grade action."