50 Ripper Pics Of Shane Warne On His 50th Birthday

Shane Warne is 50 not out. Yes, he really is. Warney was born on September 13, 1969.

So we thought we'd take a look back at the life and times of Shane Keith Warne -- cricketer, poker player, father and so much more.

Let's start at the beginning. Oh, that boyish face.

Smiled, Shane. Image: Getty.

Seriously, though.

Even as a youngster, he always gave a XXXX. Image: Gray Mortimore/Allsport UK

Apparently Warney was a hot waxhead once.

Who knew? Image: Getty.

Then years later he was actual wax. Funny story about this pic, which is a still from a video of the launch of his Madame Tussauds exhibit. A reporter commented that Warney's wax likeness was very slim. Warney stormed out. See video above.

It was the only time he ever walked without the ump giving him the finger.

Warney soon started taking wickets. These were the scenes after he clean-bowled Mike Gatting with his very first ball of Test cricket on English soil in 1993.

Got 'im, yes! Image: Getty.

Yes, it was the famous "ball of the century", which you can also watch in the video above.

Warne soon found himself very appealing to British women.

Warne checks his Playboy jocks to see if his boy is ready to play. Image: Supplied.

On the field, too, he was always appealing.

Hazaaaaaaahhhhhhhht! Image: Getty.

Umpire Billy Bowden reversed the roles once. Howzat feel, Warney?

Don't be silly, Billy. Image: Getty.

With Warne around, Australia started winning everything. That meant they did a lot of celebrating. And Warne was very good at celebrating.

So accurate with a ball. Not so inaccurate with champagne. Image: Getty.

Very, very good.

This was after Australia wrapped up The Ashes at Trent Bridge in 1997. Image: Getty.

World class, in fact.

And it went on for a while: Getty.

The photos above and below were on balconies. Warney always did weird stuff on balconies. Could it be he loved the attention?

Ears cheers to you! Image: Clive Mason/Allsport

This all-time classic was also on a balcony.

Of all places, it was actually at Royal Ascot, home of the well-bred and well-behaved. You'd think. Image: Getty.

Many of the best pics of Warney involve ciggies. Like this one.

Surprising fact: He actually has quite lovely green eyes. Image: Getty.

And this one.

He totally smoked his drive off the first tee. Image: Getty.

And this one, with his cricket rival and golf buddy Kevin Pietersen.

In Warney's mind, "KP" means "keep puffing". Image: Getty.

Warney was actually great mates with the South Africa-born England player. Here's Warney and Pietersen in the famous 2005 Ashes series, when both players starred, but England came out on top, just.

Hair's to you, mate. Image: Getty.

We interrupt this story to bring you a picture of Warney's backside on a beach. Wait, this story is just a bunch of pics of Warney, so we're not actually interrupting anything. Carry on.

Is that a ciggie in the sand? Classy. Image: Getty.

Here's another random one, from an age when Foster's Lager was actually a thing.

Cricket balls are red, beer cans are blue, the whole of Australia bloody loves you. Image: Getty.

Most people thought Eddie Perfect did a great impression of Warney in his hit show 'Shane Warne: The Musical'. And here's your proof.

Give or take the beer brand. Image: Getty.

Warney loved celebs. Always has. And he's always loved being snapped alongside them.

Nice vest. Image: Getty.

Ouch! Looks like someone just asked them what the secret was to a long and prosperous monogamous relationship.

Ummmmmmmmm... Image: Getty.

Not everyone knows Warne nearly had an AFL career with St Kilda. Suffice to say he was no Nick Riewoldt.

Mind you, Riewoldt's leg spin was garbage. Image: Getty.

Warney married Simone.

And apparently had a brief dress-like-the-mafia phase.  (Photo by Patrick Riviere/Getty Images).

And became a dad. Naaaaw.

This is little Jackson Image: Getty.

Little Jackson soon grew up into Hot Jackson the occasional daddy caddie.

Warney's Instagram is a bit of a treasure trove. Don't go there. You'll be distracted for ages with pics like this.

And this, which is actually an ad for eBay, but which looks like the sort of situation Warney would actually be in.

All that nocturnal activity probably explains why Warney slept through team photos.

Shoulder, Shaaaaane. Image: Getty.

As Warney's fame and cricket success soared, he was occasionally cut down to size by scandals of his own making. This was after he was sent home from the 2003 World Cup for testing positive to a diuretic.

Nope. Not a word for reporter Andrew McKinlay, who is now one of Network 10's finest. Image: Getty.

He fronted the press to explain it was a slimming pill he got from his mum.

Busted for drugs that improve his appearance. How very Warney.  Image: Getty.

Warney was great mates with teammate Mark Waugh.

We can't possibly imagine what they had in common. Image: Getty.

It was with Waugh that he found himself embroiled in another scandal, this one involving an Indian bookie.

Warne and Waugh were eventually fined for accepting money from a bookie for giving information about pitch and weather conditions. Image: Getty.

But mostly there were good times.

Young Ricky Ponting with shocking facial hair. Love it. Image: Getty.

Lots and lots of good times.

This was Warney equalling Dennis Lillee's Australian then record of 355 Test wickets. Image: Getty.

So many good times.

This was Warney's 700th wicket several years later. Image: Getty.

Although some did find him a bit cocky.

We're subtly referencing that sulphur crest of hair if you missed it. Image: Jack Atley/ALLSPORT

And there were ladies. Lots and lots of ladies. Like Liz.

They were actually a really good-looking couple. Image: Getty

Oh OK one more.

Shame it didn't last. Image: Getty.

There were also books. Lots and lots of books. Everybody wanted to know Shane's innermost thoughts.

It was never hard to find a title for one of Warney's books. Image: Getty.

Poker became one of Warney's passions. Here he is with his Melbourne mate Joe Hachem, who in 2005 became the first Aussie to win the World Series of Poker Main Event in Las Vegas.

Stacked to the max. Image: Getty.

Inevitably, all sporting careers come to an end. Warne went out on a glorious high, beating England 5-0 in an Ashes clean sweep on home soil.

With his old mate Pidge. Image: Getty.

And that was that. His Test cricket career was over.

And he was sad. And so were we. Image: Getty.

Even the grass was sorry to see him go.

UR welcome. Image: Getty.

But that's OK. Warney had loads of other stuff on his plate. Like his charitable foundation.

Four big kids, one of them now 50: Getty.

And he still had a bit of T20 cricket to play.

Marlon, I strongly insist you were incorrect. Image: Getty

And above all, he had to spend time with his family. Ha! Happy birthday, Warney.

You sure have come a long way.