'Smelly BO And Overripe Cheese': Americans Not Reacting Well To France Loss

Sacre bleu! Quel Dommage! France beat Team USA in the FIBA World Cup!

And the Americans camembert it. As in, they cannot bear it. Sorry/not sorry about that.

In all seriousness, France's not-entirely-surprising 89-79 quarter final victory over an under-strength Team USA at the Basketball World Cup in China overnight has left numerous Americans unhappy.

Like this guy, who invoked smelly BO and overripe cheese as the only things France should be better at. Great sportsmanship, buddy.

It's the first time since 2006 that a Team USA comprised of NBA players has lost a match at a major international tournament (in the past, they often sent teams of college players).

And while all streaks end eventually, everyone knows that the NBA players on Team USA's roster at the 2019 FIBA World Cup were the NBA C-Listers. No Lebron, no Steph, no Kevin Durant etc.

"Of the 35 players originally picked last year by USA Basketball for its roster pool this summer, four made it to China," Associated Press journalist Tim Dahberg wrote.

So even though there are excuses -- world basketball is just too strong for a third- or fourth-string Team USA to compete -- this has still not been easy for American fans to stomach.

"International basketball has never looked stronger; ironically, it’s up to the Americans to keep up with the rest of the world," basketball writer Zach Kram wrote on US sports website The Ringer.

Others just made jokes about all the Boston Celtics on the team.

Team USA must now play off against Serbia for fifth spot -- which is no easy match as Serbia are a perennial European powerhouse who won the silver medal at the Rio Oympics.

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Meanwhile Australia's Boomers march on, having beaten the Czech Republic overnight. And Aussie fans didn't miss the opportunity to have a friendly little swipe at the Americans.

Or America's NBA. Ha!

The Boomers play Spain in the semi final at 6 pm on Friday night AEST, and we'll be covering it here at 10 daily.