Before Too Long Paul Kelly Will Headline The 2019 AFL Grand Final Show

It's an all Aussie line-up for the big dance on September 28.

We can't tell you who'll face off in the 2019 AFL Grand Final on Saturday, September 28 -- although if you want our tip, it'll be Richmond and Geelong -- but we can tell you who'll warm up the crowd.

And if the weather is anything like last year's decider when it struggled to reach 14 degrees in Melbourne, they'll need warming up.

So this year's line-up is Aussie music icon Paul Kelly, supported by Dean Lewis and Tones and I.

Kelly at the 'G in 2012. Before too long, he'll be there again. Image: Getty.

Kelly has done it before, in 2012, and is a particularly apt choice given he actually has a song which contains a lyric about the MCG.

That song is 'Leaps and Bounds' -- which you might have thought was called 'I Remember' because those words comprises a good chunk of the chorus, and are the most memorable bit.

But no, the song is called 'Leaps and Bounds' and seriously, that song is in our heads now.

I'm high on the hill Looking over the bridge To the M.C.G.

As for the other performers, Dean Lewis reached number one on the ARIA charts in 2018 with his song Be Alright, while the Tones and I track 'Dance Monkey' is currently the top song on the ARIA charts.

The AFL Finals start tonight with the West Coast Eagles vs Essendon clash in Perth at at 6:10 pm AWST. That's 8:10 pm in the eastern states.