'Boris Is Good, Get On With It': Warney's Fiery Brexit Rant

Shane Warne is never shy to put his spin on the issue of the day, be it cricket, politics, whatever.

And the Aussie cricket legend, who turns 50 next week, has weighed in on the number one issue in the UK today: Brexit.

You'd think Warne would have enough on his plate, given his commentary role in the fourth Ashes Test at Old Trafford, in which Australia finds itself in a good position after Steve Smith's double century.

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But in an interview with BBC Radio 4 Today, he offered his thoughts on the UK leaving the EU. Why? Well, he has lived in England for a while, so he understands how the locals think. But mostly, because why not?

The main take-out message was that Warney wants it done, and fast.

Here's the full text of his little rant:

"Well, as an outsider, I mean I lived here a long time. I come here most summers to work. And to look at the whole Brexit thing, a couple of things that stand out for me.

"After, what is it, 40 years or such a long period of time, you've asked the public to vote for these things. They vote. And then I saw it reported that the most searched thing on Google after Brexit was done, was 'What is Brexit?'.

"So I found that very amusing to find out that people didn't know what they were voting for.

"And the second thing is you've made the decision, it's done. Get on with it. All this procrastinating about all this stuff. Just get on with it. Boris is good. Everyone's great. Get on with it. It's a great country, get on with it."

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Needless to say, not everyone saw eye to eye with him on the most divisive issue in modern British history.