Aussie Footy Commentators Calmly Keep Calling As Studio Desk Collapses

The next time everything goes pear-shaped at your workplace, we hope you recover like these guys did.

We hope you barely flinch, soldiering on as if nothing has happened -- just like the excellent  "Raiders On Mix" commentary team did when their desk collapsed this weekend.

Yes, things commenced badly for the Canberra Raiders in their crunch Round 24 NRL match against the Cronulla Sharks, as they quickly fell behind 12-0.

But they started even worse for the Raiders on Mix team. The trio calls home Raiders games from Canberra Stadium and away-games like this one from the studio.

What could possibly go wrong in a studio?

We're not sure if he's shocked because the desk is collapsing, or if it's because the Raiders don't actually suck this year.

"It was the first set of six tackles and the desk just gave way," Nick Rysk, aka 'Raider Nick', told 10 daily of the moment the furniture crumpled like a 1970s rugby league scrum.

"I don’t think it’s ever had 300 kilos of man leaning on it."

The 300 kilos of leaning man were Nick himself, sideline reporter Adam Jansen and chief caller Chris Coleman. Here's how Coleman called the calamity, which you can watch unfold in the video at the top of this story.

"Raiders kick-off, going to the northern end of the stadium, and it is the Cronulla Sharks who get the first possession of the ball, and they bring it down towards the south. And it's Matt Prior who takes the first hit-up for them, and he's taken it just inside the 20-metre line at his own end of the park...


"And believe it or not, the studio desk has just completely fallen apart in front of me. We'll just keep calling as we go here..."

And he did. He kept on calling.

Coleman and his team barely missed a beat even though, as you can clearly see in the video, there was gear tumbling everywhere, and a tower with three monitors on it almost slammed into co-caller Raider Nick.

"It dropped like a bag of shit and nearly hit me," Raider Nick said.

But suffice to say, the intrepid trio survived the crash. And the Raiders survived their bad start too, coming back to win a thrilling match 15-14 in golden point extra-time, which virtually ensures them a crucial top-four spot.

"We emulated the Raiders and had a good day in the end," Raider Nick said. "When we watched it back after the call, we were just in stitches."

Raider Nick -- an audio and video guru who runs Rysk Creations -- was lucky he didn't end up with injuries requiring actual stitches. But all's well that ends well.