This Might Have Been The Most Shocking Nick Kyrgios Match Of All

There was no swearing. There were no tantrums. There was no spitting. And there will be no fines.

There was, however, some lovely solid tennis as Nick Kyrgios beat unseeded French player Antoine Hoang 6-4 6-2 6-4 to advance to the US Open third round.

Yes, today's more or less entirely unexpected news is that Nick Kyrgios mostly behaved himself out there. So in a way, the match was utterly shocking -- but that would be "shocking" as in surprising, not disgraceful.

Sure, there was a minor controversy early, when Kyrgios took the court with his collar up, revealing a "Just Do You" message which was a variation of the Nike logo. You're not allowed to display personal messages, so naturally, this caused a little controversy.

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But it all blew over as he started (and finished) the match with his collar turned down. And as mentioned, it pretty much was all about the tennis after that.

Oh, there was some sort of argument about timing late in the third set. The Aussie got a bit niggly with the ump, possibly as a reflex, because his muscle memory just takes him to that place.

But on the nuclear bomb scale of Nick Kyrgios explosions, this was a water balloon.

Even he can't believe he didn't blow up today. Image: Getty.

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"Once again the crowd was amazing," 24-year-old Kyrgios said after the match.

"New York's got a fair few distractions. I'm trying to stay away from all that," he said, when asked how he would stay focused for the rest of the tournament.

The crowd loved that.

The 28th seed now faces Russian world number 43 Andrey Rublev in the third round.

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