Everyone's Cutting Onions Watching This Father's Day Footy Tear-Jerker

It's essentially a beer ad, but sometimes you've got to look past crass commercialism to the soul of the message.

And the soul of this message is very beautiful.

We're talking here about an ad which the NRL has put together for Father's Day. The ad focuses on Parramatta winger Maika Sivo and his dad Joeli, who flies from his tiny village of Momi, in Fiji, to watch his son play rugby league footy for the first time.

Fijian-born Sivo, 25, has been a sensation on the wing in this, his first season of NRL. He has scored 16 tries for the resurgent Parramatta Eels, the 2018 year's wooden spooners who will play finals in 2019.

Sivo is 108 kilos and stands 186 cm tall. His coach Brad Arthur calls him a "monster". But in reality, there's a great big soft heart beating inside that hulking body.

"My dad has worked hard all his life. I just want to pay him back for all his sacrifices," Sivo says in the ad.

"I think about him all the time."

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Cut to Joeli watching Maika play NRL on a satellite TV in Fiji, with half the neighbourhood crammed into the timber-panelled  lounge room.

Cut to Maika saying his dad has never seem him play in person, nor or even left Fiji.

Cut back to Joeli looking wistfully out to sea from a Fijian beach, clearly thinking of his son.

Cut back again to Maika running along the cliffs of eastern Sydney, clearly thinking of his dad.

Maika says "sometimes I wonder what it would be like for dad to come visit and experience it all for the first time".

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You know what comes next. Of course you do. Joeli flies out -- and bear in mind he didn't even have a passport at the start of the ad -- and meets up with his son at training. There is an embrace. There are tears. Teammates clap and cheer.

Image: They've been chopping onions too.

Then the next day, the game. The Eels play the Newcastle Knights and win, and Sivo scores a try. Because of course they do and of course he does.

"My heart was so big it almost popped," Joeli says.

And at that moment, everybody in the room is cutting onions or has something in their eye. And if you don't feel like reaching for the sponsor's product at that moment,  then you never will.

But like we said, selling beer is almost a secondary point here.

The NRL is always in need of feelgood human stories, and this is one heck of a good one -- even if it's just a highly emotional beer ad.