This Bloke Is The Whole Of Australia Today

We don't know his name, but oh boy, do we know how he's feeling.

Look at that face. Just look at it.

As England won pretty much the unwinnable Test match in the third Ashes Test at Headingley, two men's reactions said it all.

One, of course, was Ben Stokes, who was a portrait of exuberance and triumph, as he deserved to be, having steered England to victory with his incredible innings of 135 not out.

We get it, you won. Photo: Getty Images.

The other was old mate Aussie fan.

Is his name Bruce? Bill? Bazza? Something that doesn't start with B?

Doesn't matter.

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The horror. The horror. Image: Channel 9.

What matters is that he was bloody, bloody distraught. And mate, the whole of Australia from Wagga Wagga to Weipa was weepin' right with ya.

They say it takes 16 times more muscles to frown than to smile. Well, old mate drew on every ounce of oral strength to invert what had surely been a smile just moments earlier, as the Aussies looked set for victory.

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We could write a thousand words about how hard this loss was to cop. But as the old saying goes, one picture said it all.

Now where the bloody hell is the coffee?