Basketball Australia Ruthlessly Slammed Over Seating Debacle

The Boomers and Team USA have hit the court in Melbourne, but not everyone could see -- literally.

The World Cup warm-up match on Thursday night was played on a drop-in raised floor to accommodate a crowd of around 50,000 at Marvel Stadium in Melbourne.

From the sideline to court edge is just 3.1-metres followed by a 93 centimetre drop.

That means that if things get physical those paying the big bucks for courtside seats could end up with a player in their lap.

Photo: AAP

The plastic seats, which were tied together with cable ties, were placed on the flat ground of the stadium with no elevation.

This meant that people in those seats, some of which cost $500, couldn't see the court above the hundred of people sitting in front of them.

Frustrated fans took their frustration out on social media. Among them, Russell Crowe, who spent $1500 on tickets.

"The only thing achieved tonight by Basketball Australia was enjoining with the promoters in ripping off well-meaning lovers of the sport," he said.

Others spent hundreds of dollars for what they thought would be prime seating.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission confirmed to 10daily it was aware of refunds being made to spectators after receiving a number of complaints.

The three-match series -- another one in Melbourne before, one in Sydney -- has already come under scrutiny after a number of players used in advertising did not make the trip to Australia to play.

The ACCC said under Australian Consumer Law, companies must not "make false or misleading representations, including when advertising events".

"We understand that some advertising of the USA Basketball games occurring in Melbourne and Sydney included pictures of players who will not be attending those games,' a spokesperson said.

"The ACCC is considering the issues and engaging with relevant parties."

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There was no word from either Marvel Stadium or Basketball Australia by Friday morning about the seating issue, but it appears they were ecstatic with the turnout.

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