Cristiano Ronaldo Stars In TV Ad So Bad, Your Brain Will Melt

This thing could not be more cringeworthy if it wore cringe pyjamas.

Cristiano Ronaldo is still in most people's opinion the world's best footballer, give or take Lionel Messi. But he has definitely just made one of the world's worst TV ads.

What is it exactly? Um, we're not sure. Seems to be an ad for some sort of weird shopping service called Shopee or something.

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Why does Ronaldo pronounce the word "Shopee" in that accent?

No idea. But it's like he's a robot or something.

Why does the ad break into a rendition of 'Baby Shark' halfway through?

Who knows? But we wish it would stop.

WHAT. THE . HECK. AM. I. DOING. IN. THIS. AD? Image: Shopee.

Did Ronaldo -- whose net worth is said to be close to a billion dollars -- just drop a billion dollar coin down the drain and need a quick earn to recoup his lost fortune?

Not sure, but it's about the only thing that explains this ad -- which for the record, leading ad industry publication B&T just called "the worst ad in the history of ads". They'd know.

Portuguese champ Ronaldo, who plays for Italian side Juventus after years at Real Madrid, has actually done loads of ads over the years -- some of them sketchy, some funny, some saucy, you name it.

Here's a compilation if you can take one more minute of him after the weirdness above.