Nick Kyrgios Just Won A Tournament After An Utterly Bizarre Request

Unbelievable. Nick Kyrgios just won the Washington Open. But it's the manner in which he did it which is astounding.

Krygios beat world number 10 Daniil Medvedev of Russia 7-6 7-6 in a match dominated by huge serves where there were no break points.

But the really big story out of this match is that there were no histrionics. No major blow-ups. Nothing crazy. Just a calm, tall Aussie ranked 52nd in the world, playing like the guy who we all know should be ranked a lot higher.

Seriously, was that actually Nick Kyrgios out there? Bottle-throwing, chair-hurling, abuse-giving, hissy-fitting Nick Kyrgios? Where was that guy?

All we saw was an unfamiliar character. Yes, Nick Kyrgios, the tennis player.

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Oh, there was some silly stuff, sure. On match point -- as he'd done a couple of times previously in this tournament -- he asked a random crowd member where he should serve. Seriously, he actually did that.

And then he served an ace -- one of 18 in the match.

And there was the trademark underarm serve as well as a tweener or two -- in fact, a lob tweener which won him a point.

Image: Getty.

But mostly, there was just super solid tennis.

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Medvedev dropped just one point on serve in the first set. That's how tight this match was. It was always going to come down to tie-breakers and so it proved.

Kyrgios was down 5-2 in the first tie-breaker but recovered. This is remarkable given how hard it was to win points off his opponent's serve, but the Aussies passing shots and occasional drop shots were immaculate.

"It's amazing. People never lost faith in me even though I lost it myself," Kyrgios said afterwards.

"All props to Daniil. This week's been one of the best weeks of my life from a tennis perspective. I feeling like I'm growing as a person, and getting better every day.

"At the end of the day, I don't care about rankings at all. I just want to grow as a human."

Nick Kyrgios has done that, in a tournament in which he beat the number one and number three seeds. Who would have thunk it?

Oh, and then he thanked the guy who made his smoothies this week. Yep, chalk this win down to "smoothie guy". That explains everything.