'Never Going To Let My Dream Go': Shayna Jack Vows To Prove Doping Innocence

Australian swimmer Shayna Jack has declared she will leave "no stone unturned", as she fights to clear her name of doping.

Jack, accompanied by her mum and lawyer, spent over four hours in a meeting with ASADA officials on Friday afternoon.

Despite a tearful arrival at the meeting in Brisbane, Jack was composed and confident when speaking to the meeting afterwards.

"I am really happy with how things are going," she said.

Jack said she would leave "no stone unturned" to find out how the banned substance, Ligandrol, got into her system.

"I'm not going to stop until I prove my innocence, and fight to get myself back in the pool because that's my dream and I am never going to let that go," she said.

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Jack refused to be drawn on the details of how the banned drug made its way into her system and how much was found.

"It's still an ongoing investigation so we can't clear that with anyone at the moment," she said.

Shayna Jack arrives at the ASADA meeting. Photo: Getty

The swimmer also denied reports Swimming Australia told her to stay quiet about the positive result.

"Swimming Australia has been nothing but supportive of me, we've been a unit through the whole process," Jack said.

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Jack tested positive to Ligandrol in late June, and was sent home from preparations for the World Swimming Championships.