England's Most Annoying Sportsman Reminds Us Why We Can't Stand Him


Stuart Broad has a well-honed knack of getting under the skin of Aussie cricket fans. And last night, he did it again.

Give the guy some credit. He's undoubtedly a great bowler. The 33-year-old took 5/86 overnight in a dominant performance for England in the first Ashes Test at Edgbaston, as Australia compiled a total of 280 thanks largely to the genius of Steve Smith, who made 144.

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Broad now has 449 Test wickets, which is a lot. But he has few fans in Australia, having driven Aussie cricket-lovers crazy with his on-field actions on numerous occasions.

And last night, he harked back to one of his most despised moments, pulling a look which has become so loathed, it now has its own hashtag.

Yes, he pulled a #broadface.

Broad in 2019. Seriously mate, just go eat ya fingers. Image: Getty.

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The excruciatingly slap-worthy facial expression came out when he dismissed Aussie captain Tim Paine for 5.

But it goes back to the Trent Bridge Ashes Test of 2015, when Broad took 8/15 on the way to bowling Australia all out for a miserable total of just 60.

Broad in 2015. Yeah, so basically just bigger off, mate. (Photo by Mitchell Gunn/Getty Images)

Broad also has bad form at the batting crease.

Who could forget the time he hit the ball so hard he basically took chunks off it, Michael Clarke took the catch at first slip, yet Broad stood there and the umpire mystifyingly gave him not out?

Did Broad show sportsmanship and walk off the field? He of course did not -- and thus inspired this brilliant parody by Australian sports satirist and songster Denis Carnahan.

Sadly, the Aussies rubbed sandpaper on a cricket ball 17 months ago in Cape Town, South Africa. But Stuart Broad has been rubbing a whole nation the wrong way for years.

Oh, by the way, he's played cricket out here several times and is said to be a great bloke. But try not to tell anyone. We deliberately put this information on the last line of the story because we know some of you don't get this far.