Sport Minister's Soccer Splat Is Worst Sporting Fail Since John Howard's Horror Ball

Australia is gunning to host the FIFA 2023 Women's World Cup, but we might want to hide this politician's skills.

NSW Sport Minister, John Sidoti, was spruiking the state as a backer for the tournament when he tried to show off some fancy footwork.

In front of current Matildas players and future stars of the game, Sidoti attempted to weave the ball around them.

John Sidoti blamed his 'pointy shoes' for the tumble. Photo: John Sidoti/ Instagram

Only it didn't quite go to plan. While lunging for the ball, Sidoti managed to trip over his own foot and went tumbling over.

"Pointy shoes!" he yelled out, as he lay laughing on the floor.

Sidoti owned the embarrassing stumble, and posted the incident on social media.

"BLOOPER!!! My footwork used to be sharper! I’ll leave the football to the Matildas while I concentrate on helping NSW and Australia win the FIFA 2023 Women’s World Cup," he said.

Football Federation Australia launched its #GetOnside campaign last year to bring the tournament Down Under, and so far has registered over 300,000 supporters.

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NSW announced it would back the bid on Tuesday, with Premier Gladys Berejiklian saying the event would "inspire" the next generation of footballers in Australia.

"The world’s best women’s footballers could be scoring goals in our stadiums in 2023 and the scoreboard will show NSW winning for decades afterwards,” she said.

The Australian Government has pledged $5 million to the bidding process in instalments since June last year.

"I think it’s fair to say that the Westfield Matildas have become Australia’s favourite team over the past year and they are inspiring girls and boys around the country to take up football, which is already the biggest participation sport in Australia," FFA CEO David Gallop said.

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The FFA formally registered its bid for the tournament in 2019, with the winner to be announced in March 2020 by the FIFA Council.

And for those wondering what the headline is all about, here ya go.