Swimmer Shayna Jack Could Be Banned For Four Years

The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) could hit swimmer Shayna Jack with the mandatory four-year suspension for her positive drug test.

Jack, 20, was withdrawn from the Australian Dolphins team ahead of last week's World Swimming Championships in Gwangu, South Korea, after testing positive to the banned drug Ligandrol, which she says must have come from a "contaminated supplement".

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Ligandrol is used by body builders and others to enhance muscle mass. A four-year sanction is the standard penalty for drugs in that class.

There are reports on Tuesday afternoon that Jack has already been notified that she has been slapped with the maximum ban. This would be exceptionally unusual to say the least, as she has not yet even had a hearing.

10 daily contacted ASADA for clarification, and they said they had issued no statement to this effect.

ASADA issued a statement on Tuesday evening, confirming an athlete is "never officially sanctioned" while an investigation is ongoing.

"The time taken to finalise an investigation and complete our legislative process varies but can take several weeks/months due to a range of factors including affording athletes procedural fairness," it said.

It'll be a while before she's in a pool swimming competitively. (Photo by Delly Carr/Getty Images)

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Whether Jack serves the mandatory four-year penalty depends on whether her legal team is able to show that the drug got into her system without her knowledge. If they can establish that, then the ban will likely be less than four years.

Photo: Instagram/ Shayna Jack