Yet Again, Everyone Is Misreading The Latest Nick Kyrgios Bomb

People really need to lighten up.

Nick Kyrgios was signing a few autographs at the Atlanta Open overnight when he came across a fan with the word "NOVAK" on the front of his shirt.

As you're probably aware, the Aussie has thrown a few good sledges at Novak Djokovic in recent times. One of his best was saying the current world number one has a "sick obsession with wanting to be liked".


So anyway, when Kyrgios saw this kid's shirt, he drew a great big X across the word "NOVAK" and told the kid, in a tone which was clearly tongue-in-cheek, "that's what I think of you and your shirt. Gone!”

Which was actually really funny.

Seriously, you only have to listen to Nick's tone as he scribbles on the shirt to realise it was all in good fun.

But predictable outrage ensued, with news outlets reporting that the Kyrgios/Djokovic feud had escalated, and that Kyrgios was disrespecting Djokovic and blah, blah, bah, blah, yawn.

Kyrgios himself had the best response to the confected outrage. There was this:

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And this:

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Yes, yet again, the self-appointed moral police have misread a fun Nick Kyrgios moment and made the world a more dreary place. Fact is, Kyrgios makes tennis more interesting. While others just tick boxes, he's pure box office.

Not that the guy doesn't have his bad moments, but this, be assured, was not one of them.