Australia's Worst Footy Team Just Lost By 500 Points

These bush battlers aren't giving up just quite yet.

First the good news. The Ararat Eagles had one scoring attempt in last week's game and nailed it. They kicked truly to register six points.

The bad news is the other team scored 515 points.

The Ararat Eagles at training. Photo: Sports Tonight

Meet the Ararat Eagles. A small footy club in western Victoria who play in the Mininera and District Football League (MDFL).

They sit at the bottom of the ladder with no wins, scoring just 172 points while conceding 3157.

But Saturday's thumping to Great Western has left the town devastated, as 10 News First Melbourne reporter Nick Butler found out.

MDFL President, John Box. Photo: 10 News First

"These are only young players that get beaten by that much, you wouldn't feel too well after it," John Box, MDFL President, said.

"Ararat Eagles have been battling all year, but at least they're giving it a go," he told 10 News First.

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And it's not just the Eagles faithful who felt the pain of the brutal scoreline.

"I felt sad because my grandson played in the team that beat them," one local woman told 10 News First.

Photo: Sports Tonight

The club president Nats McRoberts  argues country clubs like the Eagles need more funding from the AFL if they are to survive.

"There's other clubs that are struggling and we need the support from the AFL and definitely the AFL Victoria Country," he said.

Despite their kicking, the Eagles are keen to get back on the field and find a win in their last four games of the season.

"As long as we're here we will keep plugging along," McRoberts said.

"We'll never lay down."

But win or lose, the Eagles just gained a country of supporters.