Woman Filmed Slapping And Punching Man At AFL Match

The footage uploaded to social media, shows a woman slapping a man in the row in front of her at Adelaide Oval last night.

Security guards were forced to restrain a woman after she slapped a man sitting in front of her at Friday night's match between the Adelaide Crows and Essendon Bombers.

It is unclear what occurred in the lead up to the incident, however two men can be seen yelling and making hand gestures at each other, before a woman enters the argument to slap the man sitting in the row in front of her.

In the lead up to the slap, a fan filming them can be heard saying, "I'm ready for them to fight."

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The woman then leaps up to slap him, before others run in to restrain her, and she attempts to punch the man.

In a video posted to the Instagram page @shitadelaide, the crowd can be heard in the background yelling "sit down" and "you're embarrassing."

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It comes as the AFL has attempted to crack down on bad crowd behaviour with the introduction of Behavioural Awareness Officers.

Fans have been critical of the move as overkill, and even the boss of Marvel Stadium Michael Green admitted in an interview on 3AW "we haven’t yet found the balance between providing a safe environment and not wanting people to feel intimidated."

Security guards, with the assistance of other spectators, were able to separate the two and it appears no one was seriously injured.

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Feature Image: @hayleyrogersss via Instagram/@shitadelaide