Watch This Six-Year-Old Baseball Coach Lose His Absolute Sh*t At An Umpire

The child coach of a college baseball team had a full-blown tantrum after some kind of incident with an umpire this week.

'Coach Drake', as he's known, is the youngest and reportedly 'cutest' coach in the league. He's an assistant coach for the Kalamazoo Growlers, a Michigan team that plays in the summer collegiate league.

The team shared footage of their pint-sized coach going off at the umpire, stomping over to the fully grown man and having a few words.

"Coach Drake LOSES it after ejection," the Kalamazoo Growlers tweeted.

Coach Drake having words to the umpire, and then throwing baseball bats onto the field in anger. Photo: Kalamazoo Growlers / Twitter.

In his anger, Coach Drake threw several bats and a bucket of balls onto the pitch, which is apparently a thing that happens in baseball.

"This is the biggest outburst we've seen from Coach Drake in a long time," the commentators said.

"What is going on? He is not happy at all. This is the most anger I've ever seen out of a six-year-old."

Coach Drake rose to internet stardom all of last week, when he pepped his team up with a show of support. A shout-out from Good Morning America followed.