The Day An Aussie Sporting Legend Yelled 'Hey Lizzy' At The Queen

November 6, 1999, was a momentous day in Australian history for two reasons.

It was the day of the Australian Republic Referendum -- a vote which would potentially ditch the monarchy -- but which ended up with a 55-45 vote in favour of maintaining the status quo.

It was also the day of the Rugby World Cup final in Cardiff, Wales, which Australia ended up winning comfortably, beating the French 35-12.

These two events came together in a very amusing way.

We'll let Matt Burke, a Network 10 presenter and member of that victorious Wallabies team, pick up the story:

Burkey hasn't aged a day. Well, maybe one or two. Author's pic.

"Obviously the referendum was a very big thing at the time, and our captain, John Eales, was very much pro-Republic.

As Ealesy was going up to get the cup presented by The Queen, [Wallabies great and dual World Cup winner] Timmy Horan, who was pro-monarchy, yells out "Hey Lizzyy! I voted for you! I voted for you!"

Burke was speaking at the launch of Network 10's commentary team for the Rugby Word Cup in Japan this year.

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Matty himself -- who scored 878 points in 81 Tests from 1993-2004 for the Wallabies, and was considered the best fullback in the world for several years -- will take the mic alongside rugby commentary legend Gordon Bray. Sports Tonight's Scott Mackinnon will anchor the coverage in Japan.

Sushi restaurants, stock up. Scotty is heading your way. Scotty loves sushi. Scotty is practically made of sushi.

The Cup starts on September 20 and runs until November 2, which is the same day Network 10's Melbourne Cup Carnival coverage commences.

Yes, we're all going to be a little busy that weekend. Please send pizza. Or even sushi.

Network 10 is the FTA broadcasting partner for the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan, airing from Friday 20 September.