Creepy Or Comical? Daniel Ricciardo's Bizarre Press Conference Comment

Well that was about as awkward as it gets.

Several leading Formula One drivers were at a press conference ahead of this weekend's British Grand Prix, when the questioning turned to matters of facial hair.

Five-time F1 champ and current championship leader Lewis Hamilton admitted he had a bit of trouble growing a moustache, at which point Ricciardo leaned over in front of him to whisper something to young McLaren driver Lando Norris.

Wait, did he REALLY just ask him whether he's got any hair down THERE?

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Yes he did. He really really did. With an even bigger smirk on his face than usual, the Aussie actually asked whether he's grown any pubes yet.

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Sorry. We hope we didn't spoil your day with the word "pubes". We're just reporting the facts here.

The funny thing about this incident is that Hamilton was still answering his question while the two blokes either side of him absolutely cracked up.

Bwahahahahahahahahahaha. Image: F1 on Twitter.

It took ages for Norris to recover. He literally broke into tears of laughter. Yep, actual moist eyes.

“He’s crying,” Ricciardo said as Norris wiped his eyes and buries his head in his hands.

Not a dry eye in the house. Image: Getty.

Oh, and for the record, Norris answered "no". As in no, no growth down low. Which we think was his cheeky way of saying "yes".

Norris currently sits eighth in the drivers' standings, two positions ahead of Ricciardo, who has not had a happy year in his switch from Red Bull to Renault.

Hamilton is bidding for a record sixth British Grand Prix victory, to move him clear of the mark he currently holds with Jim Clark and Alain Prost.

The British Grand Prix on Sunday 14, which is the same day as the Cricket World Cup and men's Wimbledon finals.