It Looks Like Madness, But Kevin Walters May Have Pulled A Genius Move

Has Queensland coach Kevin Walters gone troppo? Is the chief banana-bender bananas?

This question has been simmering away all Origin series, ever since we learned Walters hired self-proclaimed "coach whisperer" Bradley Charles Stubbs, who charges $5500 an hour for motivational advice… most of which is just meaningless repeated words.


More like DUMB. DUMB. DUMB.

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The coach whisperer also banned QLD players from mentioning the words "New South Wales".

Instead, they've been saying "the other team" or presumably "those guys who absolutely destroyed us 38-6 in Game II".

But employing a success guru who looks like a blinged-up vacuum cleaner salesman hasn’t been Kevvie’s only quirk this series.

At every press conference, it seems like he has presented a different face. Before Game I, tough Kevvie was full of bravado when he declared "this is war!"

After Game II, angry Kevvie was furious about the kick-off which he said "f**kin' pissed him off".

The kick-off? Who gets angry about a kick-off? That’s like being mad about the way halftime oranges are cut.

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Then last week, sensitive Kevvie was literally in tears describing how much Origin means to Queenslanders, when he said "I can feel it when I walk around the streets of Queensland".

Watching Kevin Walters this series, you feel like even he doesn’t know what he’ll say or do next.

But here’s the thing. Maybe this is not madness, but genius.

Look at it this way: Walters has inherited a Queensland team rebuilding after the retirement of its greatest generation -- Smith, Slater, Inglis, Thurston, Cronk -- all of them irreplaceable.

With his eccentric antics, Kevvie is diverting attention away from his inexperienced players, taking the pressure off them.

And ironically, making himself the focus, might just be the most selfless, team-orientated thing ever.