'You Must Have A Boring Life': Merciless Kyrgios Humiliates Reporter After Nadal Clash

The reporter asked a reasonable question. Nick's response?

It was delivered as cold as yesterday's fish and chips.

After Rafael Nadal beat Nick Kyrgios 6-3 3-6 7-6 7-6 at Wimbledon overnight -- in a match which was surprisingly hard-fought and not nearly as "salty" as feared -- the Australian fronted his obligatory post-match press conference.

The 24-year-old Canberran would go on to offer some thoughtful match analysis and genuine insights into his own character in said media appearance, admitting he is not at the level of commitment required to win Grand Slams.

Which if you think about it, was quite a thing to say.

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But perhaps the most remarkable moment came at the very start of the presser.  In a room full of sports reporters, the first question was fired by British journalist Harry Shukman, who covers news for The Times rather than specialising in sport.

Video still from Wimbledon YouTube channel.

"Do you regret going to the pub last night? Do you think you could have played a bit better if you hadn’t?" Shukman asked politely enough.

You may recall, as 10 daily reported yesterday, that Kyrgios had indeed been out having a beer or two at local Wimbledon watering hole The Dog & Fox the evening before his Nadal match.

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And if you read our story, you'd know that we argued he often performs best when he lets off a little steam. Just look at when he won the Mexican Open earlier this year after partying all night and jet-skiing all afternoon. He beat Nadal in that tournament, too.

All the same, Shukman's question was fair enough. And Kyrgios' response was brutal.


That's all he said at first. As in no, he doesn't regret going to the pub. And then Kyrgios let silence fill the room like poison gas. It was three seconds. Three seconds that seemed like 30, before he plunged the knife deeper.

"You looked way too excited to ask that question, you must have a boring life."

Now it's usually at about this point in stories like this that you never hear from the poor humiliated reporter again. But give young Shukman credit. He'd been destroyed, he knew it, and he even owned up to being owned.

We'll give the match to Kyrgios, but we'd have to say this young reporter won a few more points than expected.