'Serena's Reaction To Ash Barty Was An Absolute Disgrace'

Earlier this week, Serena Williams revealed she was unaware Australia's Ash Barty was the new world number one.

And at the time, you sort of thought, yeah nah, that's not great, but maybe she's just been busy or something. After all, she's a mum, a tennis player, the rest of it. Maybe she's legitimately got no time to study the WTA rankings.

After all, there have been nine different women's world number ones in the past two years. It's not easy to keep up. Serena gets a pass.

Hmmmm. Looks like Serena didn't enjoy Sam Groth's dressing down. Image: Getty.

But overnight, a column dropped that made you reconsider. It was written by former world number 53 Sam Groth, and the Aussie absolutely unloaded on Serena for being disrespectful of Barty.

"As one of the biggest names in tennis, what Serena said was pretty sh*tty," Groth wrote.

"Claiming she didn’t know Ash was number one -- I don’t care if it was a genuine error or not. In fact if it was genuine it’s actually worse."

"You’re one of the most recognisable athletes on the planet and you can’t tell me who the number one player in your sport is? It’s disgraceful and not a good look for your sport."

Groth didn't miss. Image: Getty.

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Groth, who was born in Narrandera in the NSW Riverina area, went on to make one final brutal statement on Williams, the 37-year-old American tennis legend who has won 23 Grand Slam singles titles and was world number one for more than six years in total.

"It’s all about brand Serena, not brand tennis."

Ouch! You can read the full damning column here.

Meanwhile, Barty showed this week that she's above any of this sort of banter. Pressed on Channel 7's controversial decision to show the Nicky Kyrgios first round match with Jordan Thompson over her own first round match, she said:

If people can watch my matches, great. If they can’t, they can’t. That’s up to the broadcasters, not me.
Ash Barty had this to say in reply to Serena: nothing. Cos she's classy. Source: Getty Images.

Barty has also remained silent on Serena's lack of awareness of her rise to the top. She's got a Wimbledon to win, not a verbal battle.

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