'Trying To Rip His Eyeball Out': Disbelief At Shocking NRL Eye Gouge

It's the moment that's shocked and disgusted sports fans.

And during their call of the Wests Tigers vs South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL match last night (which the Tigers won 14-9), the ABC Grandstand commentary team described this George Burgess moment of madness better than most.

"Well hang on, there's fingers going right in his eye there... Oh my goodness! I don't know how else to describe that except being absolutely blatant," chief commentator Andrew Moore said.

Fellow commentator and former NRL premiership-winner Luke Lewis then chimed in with pretty much what everyone watching the TV footage was thinking.

"It looked like he was trying rip his eyeball out. Look at that, that looks terrible doesn't it."

Burgess has been down this road before, less than a year ago. He said the first incident in 2018 looked worse than it was, and swore he would never do such a thing intentionally because he has too much respect for the players he plays with and against.

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Interestingly, Burgess has indeed played both with and against the man he gouged, Robbie Farah, who spent a couple of seasons at the Bunnies.

"I thought it was more on the forehead," Rabbitohs coach Wayne Bennett said after the match.

"There was certainly no need for him to put himself in that position for a start. I'm not condemning him for it in the sense that I'm not sure if his fingers made contact with the eye or not."

"But the point is it was just totally unwanted anyway. He's been good this year, he's just had a moment. I wish I could tell you why they have those moments."

The incident has been placed on report, so the NRL judiciary will be busy early next week deciding exactly what to do about said "moment".

Meanwhile, in the actual footy, South Sydney looked to have sealed victory in a forgettable encounter when both teams had severe cases of dropsy when Adam Reynolds slotted a field goal with seven minutes to play.

But for the second time this year, Michael Chee Kam came up with a winning try for the Tigers. Boom!

The Rabbitohs have now slipped to third on the NRL ladder after four straight losses, while the Tigers have snuck into the eight.