Israel Folau Pauses Fundraising Campaign After Raising $2 Million

The Australian Christian Lobby is "hitting the pause button" on their Israel Folau fundraiser, giving no reason why they've suddenly stopped well short of the $3 million goal.

The ACL said supporters donated more than $2 million to the sacked rugby star's legal battle against Rugby Australia, but on Thursday morning -- just after hitting that milestone -- they said the campaign would be stopped.

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"Your overwhelming support means that Israel Folau has raised enough money for now," the ACL said on its website.

"ACL, Izzy, and everyone involved is humbled and grateful. We are hitting the pause button. But if the case drags on and Israel needs more support, we will reopen this campaign."

The ACL website, in a screenshot taken at 12pm on Thursday

It's unclear why the campaign has decided it has raised "enough", considering it set out with the goal of raising $3 million -- however, as of 12pm Thursday, it appears the website is still accepting donations, with the donation tool still active.

Folau controversially turned to online fundraising to build a $3 million war chest to fight his unfair dismissal case against RA, which he believes could go all the way to the High Court.

He also wants up to $10 million in damages.

It's been a rocky road this week for Folau after his first fundraiser on GoFundMe was pulled by the platform for breaching its terms of services, after raising more than $750,000.

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But the Australian Christian Lobby launched its own campaign, which by Wednesday night had topped $2 million.

Earlier on Wednesday, Folau said he was humbled by the support, thanking those who had donated and the ACL for coming to his aid.

"To those who have criticised me, I bear no ill will towards you. You have every right to express your own beliefs and opinions," he posted on Instagram.

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