Eeewww! Footy Fan Hoiks Disgusting Mouthful Of Spit From The Top Deck

How did the 'Behavioural Awareness Officers' miss this one?

As the footy world knows, there has been a crackdown on antisocial behaviour at various AFL venues of late, especially Marvel Stadium.

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Well, maybe the Behavioural Awareness Officers should have gotten up to the top deck of Marvel Stadium for the St Kilda vs Brisbane Lions game at the weekend, because... ugh.

Seriously guys, if you actually just did what it looks like you did -- i.e. expel saliva onto the crowd below -- then by our reckoning, that's a lot worse than the sort of non-swearing shouting at the umpire which has seen fans ejected of late.

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In recent weeks, there has been a fan backlash to perceived over-surveillance of AFL crowds. Most people feel things have gotten too heavy-handed, especially when officers were spotted patrolling the aisles among regular fans who were doing absolutely nothing wrong.

This appears to be a case where intervention may have been required.

The AFL said on Monday that Marvel Stadium was investigating the circumstances of the spitting incident. 10 daily has contacted Marvel Stadium for comment.