Guess Which Footy Club's Stingy Fans Give The Least To Charity?

Shame on you. Not only is your football team inept, you are also ungenerous.

Seriously all you Gold Coast fans out there, what's going on?

Your local football teams, the Suns and the Titans, both sit second-last on the AFL and NRL ladders respectively -- and now there's another ladder you're also anchored at, or near, the bottom of.

It's World Vision's "Ladder of Generosity", a table measuring how much AFL and NRL fans donate to charity, in relative terms.

World Vision released the ladders on Friday to help kick off the Big Impact Appeal -- its tax-time campaign supporting the United Nations World Food Programme, which you can donate to here.

Here's the AFL one.

And here's the NRL one.

World Vision Australia gathered the data after speaking to 1000 people identified as givers to charity.

See how the Goldie is at the wrong end of both ladders? Not ideal. Possibly, this has something to do with the relative affluence of the area. As World Vision Australia told 10 daily, some of the least affluent postcodes are among the most generous.

But let's not dwell too much on the negatives. The good news is the Geelong Cats are not only two games clear of the chasing AFL pack, their fans are also on top of the generosity ladder.

And you thought cats were selfish creatures. (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

In the NRL, Manly is currently running sixth in the premiership race, but are table-toppers for generosity.

It's good to know people who have few friends in life can still be generous towards their fellow humans.

A bunch of people no one likes. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

"Of course, the research is a bit tongue-in-cheek, the results aren’t set in stone. Just like the sporting ladders, it only captures a moment in time," said Zane Kuramoto, World Vision’s Chief of Marketing.

"Tax-time is a bit like the grand final for charities, it’s super important and there can be unexpected changes to donor profiles, even a major upset."

"So this isn’t a fixed result, it’s a rallying call. If your team is down the bottom there is a really easy way to fix it!"