Brutal Folau Backlash, As People Post Images Of Sick Kids' GoFundMe Pages

A millionaire is seeking millions to fight a battle he created.

Meanwhile, innocent children and countless others also need money to fight diseases and assorted afflictions which they tragically acquired through cruel fate.

This is the irony being pointed out by many, after Israel Folau -- who was sacked for violating Rugby Australia's Inclusion Policy for saying gays and others would go to hell -- asked people to donate $3 million towards his legal case on crowdfunding platform GoFundMe.

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No one made the point more strongly than Folau's former Wallabies and NSW Waratahs teammate Drew Mitchell, who said the issue was no longer about religion, but Folau's "greed".

Others echoed his point.

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Specialist rugby writer Georgina Robinson pointed to a young rugby player who damaged his spinal cord in a playing accident, as an example of just one person many might consider more worthy of financial assistance.

At 5pm on Friday, Folau had already topped $300,000 in donations, many of them anonymous.