All Out For Six: The Most Miserable International Cricket Score Of All Time

Imagine a score so low, the opposition chased your entire total in four balls.

That's what happened in a Twenty20 cricket match between the Mali and Rwanda women's teams in the Rwandan capital, Kigali, overnight.

In the first innings, right-handed Mali opener Mariam Samake did her best to lay a platform for the visitors with her solid knock of one run from six balls.

But her teammates couldn't capitalise on the solid start. At all. Not even a bit. In fact the rest of them were out for ducks. Yep, nine straight quackers.

Which sounds like something you might see crossing a country road, but no, it was an actual cricket scorecard, as you can see below.

Indeed, extras top-scored for Mali with five.

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In response, the Rwanda openers Uwimbabazi and Nyirankundineza ensured they would have first use of the showers, knocking off the runs in just four balls.

Side note: Rwandan Scrabble would be a very cool game.

Rwanda is currently ranked 30th on the International Cricket Council's list of women's T20 nations. Mali does not make the 54-nation list as it has not played enough games to qualify.

Or, sadly, faced enough balls.