Tennis Stars Show Off Their Impressive Football Skills Mid-Match

It seems Women's World Cup fever has reached the tennis court with French stars Jo-Wilfred Tsonga and Benoit Paire showing off their own foot skills at the Halle Open.

It was one game a-piece in the second set on Tuesday night when Paire's racquet slipped from his hand during a serve.

Determined not to allow Tsonga's return to bounce straight past him, the world number 28 got his feet involved, volleying the ball straight back over the net.

Tsonga managed to control the ball with his chest before sending it right back to his component, who headed the ball and returned it with full control.

The foot-tennis-rally continued for some time with both players showing off a skill set that could just about rival that of their national football team.

The game was all over when Paire slipped on the grass surface as he attempted an ambitious scissor kick.

"Ahh he spoilt it," the commentators can be heard saying as the crowd erupts into applause.

Photo: Tennis TV via Twitter

"Well France are the world champions and they are going well in the Women's World Cup as well... but hang on a minute we're in Germany, " the commentators laugh.

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It was the straight back to business for the Frenchmen.

If you were interested, Tsonga went onto beat his compatriot 6-4, 7-5 and will come up against Roger Federer in the round of 16 -- who by the way, has an epic and unique skill set of his own.