'Aussies Can't Read, Can't Write': Tennis Billionaire's Brutal Ash Barty Sledge

He said what??? Where did that come from???

Maybe you've never heard of Ion Tiriac, a businessman and former world top 10 Romanian tennis player who in our opinion looks like an old grumpy version of Merv Hughes.

Well, you've heard of him now, because the 80-year-old Forbes Rich List billionaire unloaded recently on Ash Barty, and Australians in general, in the most unkind way.

Tiriac at a recent tennis tourney, annoying Romanian sports legend Nadia Comaneci, who was the first woman to get a perfect 10 in gymnastics, way back at Montreal 1976 Olympics.(Photo by David S. Bustamante/Soccrates/Getty Images)

An interview with Ţiriac has emerged in Romanian daily sports newspaper 'Gazeta Sporturilor'. In it, he goes on a tirade about how boring the French Open women's final was.

We ran his comments through a translator, and came up with these little gems:

The Roland Garros female finale was one of the poorest I've ever seen. Please excuse my sincerity. It was not one that excited me. I had to go after 4 games. I did it!
This wasn't the moment she heard Tiriac's comments, but we imagine her reaction may have been similar. Image: Getty.

And this:

Now comes Barty, who has only one merit. She's an Australian! They do not know how to write, read.

OOOOOKAY then. WE'S DONT RITE GUD. And lastly:

But every time someone comes from there, he comes out with his technical knowledge from A to Z.

What Tiriac appears to be saying is that he doesn't like Barty, he doesn't like Aussies, but he concedes the point that Australia produces tennis players with sound technical knowledge.

Image: Getty.

What prompted this rant is unclear. Perhaps Tiriac is upset that Romanian player Simona Halep has fallen in the rankings to world number 8 after finishing both 2017 and 2018 as the world's top-ranked female player.

Or perhaps he just had yet another bad lump of Romanian feta, which as any brined curd cheese aficionado will tell you, is a very poor cousin to the Greek stuff.