Virat Kohli Simply Can't Believe His Unthinkable Rookie Error

For the second time in a week, the Indian captain has showed incredible sportsmanship. But this time, there's a catch.

Last week, Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli stunned the cricket world by urging fans to stop booing Aussie batsman Steve Smith. It really was a lovely act of sportsmanship.

Overnight at the Cricket World Cup -- in the match between arch-rivals India and Pakistan, which India won -- Virat Kohli again caused shockwaves, but this time for an act of sportsmanship which turned out to be totally unnecessary.

In the 48th over of the India innings, Kohli tried to hook Pakistani paceman Mohammad Amir. He thought he hit it, and walked off the field even though the umpire had made no signal. You can watch the video here.

The act brought to mind the deeds of Australian champ Adam Gilchrist, who walked off the ground when given not out by the umpire in the World Cup semi-final against Sri Lanka in 2003.

While both incidents showcased an increasingly rare thing called the spirit of cricket, there's a key difference. Replays shows that Gilchrist was clearly out. But Kohli?

He missed it by a mile, as shown on the "UltraEdge" cricket technology -- which appears to be the thing that has superceded "Snicko" -- Kohli's bat was barely in the same postcode as the ball.

So he walked in vain. And when informed of this, Kohli was not happy.

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At all.

And he started to get that "uh-oh, what have I done?" look on his face

(Photo by Martin Rickett/PA Images via Getty Images)

In the end, India won the game despite the rain, which as you can see below, did not please Kohli either.

This man really hates raindrops interrupting his cricket match.

Overall, no harm was done by Kohli's sportsmanship. Indeed, the game of cricket was the winner.

Meanwhile with this victory, India remain one of just two unbeaten teams -- the other is New Zealand. For Pakistan, the World Cup dream is just about over already. The table is here.