Semi-Toothless Man Hoists Enormous Trophy With Ridiculous Ease

Do you care about ice hockey? Probably not. Do you love ENORMOUS SHINY THINGS? Good-oh.

Because we have got an enormous shiny thing for you.

Yes, it's the Stanley Cup trophy, the humongous, gleaming prize for winning North America's National Hockey League. And oh-boy, what a beast.

As you can see, the Stanley Cup is a very large cup. How big? Well, let's just say that when that Cup runneth over, Noah goes and builds an ark.

In actuality, the Stanley Cup is over a metre tall and weighs about 12 kilos. It is also still growing. That's because the name of EVERY PLAYER ever to win it, along with their teams, is engraved on it.

And every so often, they add another "ring" to accommodate a new batch of winners.

Image: Getty.

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For the record, the engravers this year will be etching in the St Louis Blues, who beat the Boston Bruins 4-1 in Game 7 of the finals, to secure the team's first ever NHL title.

Was the score of no interest to you? No probs, Here's another trophy-lifting guy.

And another.

This man is Alex Pietrangelo. To him the enormous trophy is like a paper cup. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

And another, with a very special fan. Naaaawwwww.

Yep, everyone gets to lift the big trophy.

Victorious players even get to take it home afterwards, one at a time, for a short space of time. When they do that, there's a trophy chaperone guy who goes with them, to make sure it comes to no harm.

Yes, the Stanley Cup has a minder. The Stanley Cup is more precious than you. Sorry.