Player's Touching Gesture After Insane World Cup Record

The U.S. may have beaten Thailand 13-0, but it's what one player did as the full-time whistle blew that will be remembered.

It was a game that smashed World Cup records.

The U.S. showed why they are the world number one team. They were ruthless against Thailand at Auguste-Delaune II Stadium in Reims, France on Tuesday.

The final score, 13-0, is the biggest ever in a World Cup.

Alex Morgan -- arguably one of the best players the U.S. has ever produced -- scored five goals, earning player of the match.

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But it's her actions after the whistle that are just as noteworthy as t her onfield skills.

Alex Morgan comforts Miranda Nild. Photo: Optus Sport/FIFA

While shaking hands with the opposition, Morgan comforted Thai Miranda Nild who had been overcome by emotion after the brutal beating.

As Nild wiped away her tears, Morgan stood with her and offered words of comfort.

Nild plays for the University of California's team the California Golden Bears, which is where Morgan started her career.

“I just met her in the hallway, so it’s already friendly,” Morgan told Sports Illustrated after the match.

Alex Morgan celebrates with Megan Rapinoe after scoring a goal to make it 13-0 during the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup France. Photo: Getty

“I introduced myself to her. I was the proactive one, so I already have the edge on that.

"I’m really excited to see some fellow Cal Bears … For Miranda, it’s just such a great opportunity. She’s a player that’s shown really well with the Thai team.”