Toronto Raptors Lose Game 5 In Most Polite Canadian Way

They had it. And then they didn't.

The Toronto Raptors almost, almost, almost beat reigning champs the Golden State Warriors in Game 5. But they didn't.

The NBA Finals series is now 3-2, after the Warriors ended in front 106-105 on the final buzzer, after a see-sawing final quarter in which the Raptors were up by seven with under three minutes to play.

This whole series has revolved around one man, who ironically has been off the court for most of it. We speak, of course, of Kevin Durant, the Warriors power forward who has been so good all year, but who injured his calf in Game 5 of the second-round series against the Houston Rockets several weeks ago.

Durant, the NBA Finals MVP of the past two years, tried his best to tough it out in this must-win game for the Warriors, but went down in the second quarter after rupturing his Achilles tendon.

What happened at that point was pure Canada. Raptors fans jeered because they were happy their feared rival would take no further part in the game.

But when both Raptors and Warriors players gestured to the crowd to stop it, they instead applauded. They even chanted Durant's name as he limped off the court and down the tunnel.

So, so Canadian.

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Ahead of this Finals series, a video from the Jimmy Kimmel Show had gone viral, showing Raptors fans refusing to trash talk the Warriors because they "don't do that in Canada".

Raptors fans will have one last chance to wish ill upon their rivals as politely as possible, should the series go to a seventh game.

Game six is in Oakland, California, this Friday morning, AEST with game 7, if required, in Toronto.