Socceroo Rhyan Grant Answers The Only Question For A Man With A Mullet

Playing football for your country is a tremendous weight on any player's shoulders.

But Socceroo Rhyan Grant has something extra weighing him down -- one of the nation's fiercest and finest mullets.

"I just wanted to so something a little different and try something out so I went for the mullet. There is a surfer called Mikey Wright that has a pretty cool mullet so when I saw his I thought I'd like to copy that."

Bondi boy Grant is currently in Busan, South Korea, with the Socceroos, where he certainly stands out on the local beach.

Get rid of it? He won't even mull it over. Author's pic.

"I think I'm the only bloke with a mullet over here. It's alright though, there are a few funky haircuts in South Korea so I don't actually get too many looks, which is nice. They've usually got different colours and bowl cuts and what not, but I think the mullet is quite an Aussie thing so I am happy to rep it."

You don't just get Australian football's greatest mullet overnight. The current form has been more than a year in the making and went through a rigorous screening process.

"I trialled it at training for a while without it being so short on the sides and the boys were definitely having it, so they were telling me to go for it. So I went for it and made the sides shorter and they enjoyed it."

So it passed the football club test, but what about the all-important family review?

"My folks had a laugh. My sisters were the ones that didn't like it the most but they've learned to love it now," Grant said.

"Mum was on board from the start. My dad had one when they first met when they were younger so she was never going to have too many qualms with it."

That shirt is actually pretty accurate..

But the 28 year old says he does cop a fair bit of lip from the over the fence and online. The 56,000 Perth Glory fans had plenty of constructive feedback for the Sydney FC fullback on A-League Grand Final day last month.

"There was a lot of criticism and boos in the grand final but it sort of comes with the territory of having an ordinary haircut, so you can't really do much about it, you just have to embrace it and kick on, I suppose."

The mullet will be laid to rest some time in the future, but not until Grant finds another "funky" hairstyle he prefers. Until then, only the finest barbers in the land will be allowed to cut and sculpt the glorious golden locks.

"I do the sides and top myself. My housemates do the back only because I can't get to it, so they trim it for me on the little balcony we have at home."

Back at the 2002 Japan/Korea World Cup, David Beckham's blond-tipped mohawk inspired a generation of young Koreans to copy the look.

Becks and a nice lie down. Image: Getty.

On Friday night when Rhyan Grant runs out in the green and gold in front of 55 thousand locals, maybe he'll do the same.

Well, probably not. But it's fun to imagine.