Gone Fishin': Football Coach Turns Up With Rod To Protest Sacking

This German football manager did not take his sacking well.

Usually there are two types of managers -- those who dress in a suit and tie and those who dress in their active wear as if they are ready to take to the field at any moment.

But Markus Kay, manager of fifth-tier German side TV Jahn Hiesfeld, debuted a new look this week.

Markus Kay looked lost in his fishing gear. Photo: Markus Joosten

Dressed in his fishing gear and armed with a rod, Kay made himself comfortable on the side of pitch while watching his team play in the last match of the season.

For the entire match he sat on the side of the pitch, not making a move or giving his team any instructions.

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Kay had been sacked by the club earlier in the week via WhatsApp, and it obviously did not go down well.

Comments made by club president Dietrich Hülsemann after the sacking were the inspiration for Kay's fisherman look.

"There were five players on the bench. None of them moved. And our trainers sit motionless on their camping chairs. I wanted to give them a fishing rod," Hülsemann had said.

Photo: Markus Joosten

Speaking to German magazine 11Freunde after the match, Kay said the sacking had been "highly disrespectful".

"After a defeat in mid-May against SC Velbert, Mr Hülsemann had written to me and team manager Thomas Drotboom; a WhatsApp message saying we will not receive any contracts in the coming season," he said.

"We were relegated by the defeat, but I had assumed that I would continue in the national league and accordingly, the plans were well advanced."

For the record, his side was beaten 5-0 by SV Meerbusch.