This Spectacular Snowy Descent Was This Weekend's Coolest Aussie Thing

Aussie snowboarder Erryn Reeder is an understated kind of guy.

You know what he wrote about his death-defying descent down several hundred metres of sheer terror in the Aussie alpine back country this weekend?

"Yesterday, I found some nice snow in the Australian back country."

Yep, that was it. Not "Holy crap! I survived this narrow chute just above Club Lake near Australia's highest peak, Mt Kosciuszko. Phew!"

Just: "I found some nice snow". Like he found a nice cupcake at the bakery or something.

And to be fair, the Canberra snowboarder did find some lovely snow -- especially when you consider our mountains were all grass and rock a week ago, before a major blizzard started things rolling for Aussie snow-lovers.

"It was a great day yesterday," Reeder told 10 daily of his weekend adventure, which involved hiking up to "earn his turns", and which was captured with footage from a mate's drone.

We can be confident there will be more adventures. This was Reeder last year above nearby Blue Lake:

He loves the area, and is always seeking the gnarliest line.

For the record, Australia has five glacial lakes, all within a few kilometres of Mt Kosciuszko. The lakes were gouged out by glaciers in the ice age, tens of thousands of years ago.

Club Lake is circled in red. Mt Kosciuszko is bottom left of pic. Image: Google maps.

The steep slopes leading down to the lakes are a major lure for extreme skiers and snowboarders, as Erryn Reeder showed us this weekend, and as the video at the top of this story also shows. It features a skier called Matt Baker on a different line above Club Lake.

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